07 Siding & Exterior Materials – Preview


There are several different materials and profiles to choose from for siding. Lap siding is the most common profile and is available in different heights. Shake shingle and “board and batten” siding have distinctly different profiles from lap siding. All three profiles are available in more than one material, including vinyl, wood and cement fiber.

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  1. Review exterior light box locations (don’t bury under siding).
  2. Review exterior wall vent locations. For instance, microwave and other exhaust fans should be installed prior to siding and then siding should but up to them.
  3. Confirm color is correct on sample.
  4. Confirm price, length of install time, length of warranty.
  5. Confirm if contractor is responsible for purchasing and delivering materials.
  6. Confirm who is installing exterior trim around windows and doors.
  7. Confirm if there will be a frieze board at horizontal eaves or rake trim at gable overhangs.