08 Plumbing – Preview

Bathroom Shower Base

The floor of your shower deserves some thought and research. If you want a stylish, upscale shower floor, you will likely consider a site built shower pan because it gives you the greatest flexibility with regard to size, shape, color and patterns. There are two significant drawbacks: first, it is the most expensive option, and second, it can be more susceptible to leaking. There are several different methods to waterproof a site built shower pan. Whichever waterproofing option you select, be sure to conduct a flood test prior to installing the ceramic tile on top of it.

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Organization of Materials & Delivery Dates

  1. Confirm who is responsible for ordering, purchasing and delivering plumbing fixtures and accessories. Some of the accessories may be needed at time of rough plumbing, especially at showers. By giving your plumber these responsibilities, you can save yourself several trips to the vendor.
  2. Confirm delivery date and safe location to store plumbing fixtures, including tubs, shower enclosures, toilets, sinks and faucets. Some of these items are large, taking up a significant amount of space and some of these items are small and can be lost easily.