10 Electrical & Lighting – Preview

Select total number for each type of light:

__ recessed                                                                 __ ceiling fan with blades & light      

__ exterior                                                                  __ ceiling mount dome

__ ceiling mount pendant                                           __ wall mount

__ ceiling mount linear                                              __ exhaust fan with light

__ under wall cabinet mount                                     __ toe kick (under base cabinet)


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Once the rough framing is complete, work on rough electrical can begin. In most cases, though, it makes more sense for rough plumbing and rough mechanical to be installed prior to rough electrical, since wiring is more flexible to move around plumbing and mechanical systems. Confirm your electrical selections prior to meeting with your electrician.

Review Scope Of Work with Your Electrician

  1. Review your lighting and electrical plan with your electrician. This provides a good record upon which your initial estimate is based. If you don’t have one, it will be difficult to keep track of changes, and most projects involve several changes to the initial electrical estimate.
  2. Conduct a thorough “walk-thru” with your electrician and mark all light and outlet locations on the rough framing. Do your best to envision future obstructions, such as a new guard rail connecting to and exterior wall right where and outlet is located.