12 Drywall – Preview

This list of selections serves as a supplement to the Construction Documents (CD’s). Some of the selections below may be difficult to find or omitted on the CD’s. Check the CD’s for consistency with this list. Clarify with your contractor which document takes precedence for any inconsistencies.

The construction drawings should have a “window schedule” which has a number assigned to each window on the floor plan. This simple table indicates, among other things, the size of each window. Verify the width and height of each window on this schedule.

Common options for additional features are described below. Take time to review this information and communicate your selections to your architect and/or builder. Your selections should be identified on the window schedule and referenced in your contract.

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  1. Conduct a thorough walk-thru with your drywall contractor and identify any additional studs or rough framing that may need to be added in order to secure all edges of drywall boards.
  2. Verify if you want drywall in any non-habitable spaces such as garages and attics.
  3. Determine where drywall will be delivered and stored at job site. Drywall is very heavy and therefore moving it several times should be avoided. Verify that a large enough opening is available to store drywall under cover. This is often challenging for additions and renovations.