06 Roofing & Attic Ventilation – Preview

Roofing Underlayment

Roofing underlayment is a water-resistive barrier material installed above the roof sheathing and below the roofing material. The underlayment serves as an added layer of protection from severe weather. The type of underlayment may vary depending on which type of roofing material selected. If you select integrated sheathing (see section 04, Rough Framing), underlayment may not be required.

Select type of underlayment:

__ asphalt saturated felt (water resistive)

__ synthetic underlayment (water resistive)

__ rubberized asphalt underlayment (waterproof)

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  1. Review all intersections with existing roof (for additions).
  2. Identify areas that require flashing.
  3. Inspect proper install of roof sheathing. Screw down any loose edges.
  4. Review sample of roofing material with selected color and confirm.
  5. Confirm type of underlayment.
  6. Verify where ice shield will be installed. For asphalt shingles, it is required at the perimeter of the house. You may elect to install ice shield at entire roof.