Our comprehensive resources will enable
you to refine your design & master
the construction phase

Selection Guides

The selection guides inform you of your options, from foundation walls to paint. They also provide a thorough record of your selections, which can be used as part of your contract with each installer or vendor. Most construction projects begin without many of these selections being made by the homeowner, resulting in the following consequences:

  1. Regret for not being made aware of a desirable option
  2. Fewer features tailored to you and your family
  3. Delays during construction
  4. Additional fees during construction

Manage – Inspect Guides

There is a manage & inspect guide in each of the 18 categories, which closely follow the chronological order in which the house is built. Each manage & inspect guide includes recommendations based on decades of lessons learned by Builders and Architects. These recommendations will help provide the following results:

  1. Ensure high quality
  2. Prevent conflicts among installers & vendors
  3. Avoid repairs & replacements
  4. Avoid delays