01 Miscellaneous

You should endeavor to complete your selections for items in all categories prior to starting construction. There are many long lead items that can cause delays. For instance, if you do not select and order windows prior to starting rough framing, it is likely the windows will not be delivered by the time the rough framer is ready to install them.

Inspections Required by Typical Municipality

1. Foundation Inspection: make sure the inspector is able to view the formwork and reinforcing bars prior to installation of concrete footings / walls.

2. Rough Inspection: make sure rough framing, rough plumbing, rough HVAC, and rough electrical is complete prior to ordering rough inspection.

3. Insulation Inspection: make sure holes drilled through horizontal framing are filled with proper fire caulk/foam.

4. Final Inspection: make sure all final plumbing and lighting fixtures are installed and working. Make sure all stairs and railings are completed.