Glossary of Common Kitchen Terms

Backsplasha protective finish or panel on a wall or vertical surface, often behind a sink or above a countertop. A decorative and protective tile is popular at the entire wall surface between the countertop and wall cabinet in a kitchen.

Instant Hot Water Faucet: a faucet attached to a small electric water heater that provides nearly boiling water instantly.

Integrated Appliances: major appliances, like dishwashers, stoves or refrigerators, designed to match the kitchen’s cabinetry for a cohesive effect.

Pot Filler: a faucet installed into a wall near the stove, used to fill deep pots without lifting them.

Prep Sink: a small sink, usually installed on an island or peninsula, used mainly for food preparation.

Refrigerator Drawer: an easy-to-access, temperature-controlled drawer that can store a variety of perishables, and can be paneled to match the surrounding cabinets.

Task Lights: extra light fixtures that can be placed near areas that require extra light or accent light. Often at an island or peninsula, a set of three or four matching pendant lights are installed. Lights under wall cabinets are another example.

Warming Drawer: an energy efficient compartment, usually near or beneath the oven, intended to keep food and plates warm.

Wine Refrigerator: a storage unit designed to maintain the proper humidity, UV protection and temperature for wine storage.

Work Center: a major appliance and its immediate surrounding. In a traditional kitchen, there are three work centers: sink, range/oven, refrigerator.

Work Triangle: The distance between the three primary work centers in a kitchen (sink, range/oven, refrigerator). For optimal flow, each leg of the triangle should be between 4 and 9 feet. The sum of the three legs should not be greater than 26’.

Skullery: a space adjacent to the kitchen for overflow uses such as storage, a second sink, refrigerator or freezer. Often larger than a walk-in pantry, this space allows for use of appliances that may overcrowd the kitchen.


Glossary of Kitchen Terms

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